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Food Services

Our district participates in the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program which provides breakfast and lunch daily at no cost to enrolled students. Daily offerings include a variety of fresh, made-to-order, seasonal, and ethnically diverse cuisine. Menus include fresh salads, homemade sandwiches, pizza, daily specials, and favorites such as burgers and fries. We collaborate with local businesses and farmers to provide fresh baked goods and seasonal produce.

Although families do not need to submit an application to receive meals at no cost, we are requesting that they complete a Household Income Data Survey no later than October 31, 2021. This survey will ensure that high school student have access to all eligible resources, including waivers for college admissions tests and applications, discounts on home internet, and it generates additional State and Federal funding to support supplemental education programs and services.

To complete this annual survey, please click this link    which is also located on the District and high school websites. Surveys are also available at each school site's community liaisons' office and at the District Support Services Center. Students that are registered as Migrant, Homeless or that receive services through CalFresh, CalWorks, or FDPIR DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE the survey.

Our Foods Services Department maintains strict compliance with the Policy of the SB 19 Bill that mandates nutritional standards for our students' meals. The District's Wellness Policy is available for viewing on this website under the Board Policies, BP 5030.

Please contact our Outreach Consultant, Martha Janzen, at (805) 937-6356 x 1742. You may also email with any questions.