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A Day in the Life @ Delta

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Student Orientation Zoom Video-Playback

Students and families, it is my desire that you are all are doing well, staying safe, and were able to enjoy your summer under...

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Delta High School Principal Sal Reynoso personally honored the Valedictorian and Salutatorian Thursday. Valedictorian Johnny Arguijo and Salutatorian Nancy Elias Lopez received home visits and their respective certificates and medallions. "The dedication of these outstanding young people is unmatched," Reynoso said. "We just cannot wait to see all the great things they accomplish."

Principal Reynoso presented Nancy with the Salutatorian Certificate and Medallion.  Nancy was also awarded the Breanna Nicole...
Nancy Elias Lopez- DHS Salutatorian 2020

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Student Expectations at Delta High School   ATTENDANCE - Attend all Classes - Attendance to all classes is important....