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Esther  Prieto-Chávez
Principal/Director of Alternative Education
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Principal's Corner

Principal's Corner

Mrs. Esther Prieto-Chávez
Mrs. Esther Prieto-Chávez


Welcome to Delta High School - a California Model High School!

We are pleased your student will be attending Delta in the 2018-2019 school year. Delta is accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  Delta High School was designated a California Model High School in May 2015 and again May 2018.  Delta is on the cutting edge not only in facilities, but in offering a variety of courses and providing access to technology. Students may be issued a tablet to work on class assignments and projects. The school’s primary goal is to redirect and focus the student towards completing his/her high school diploma. In addition, for students to take advantage of the opportunities offered to be career and/or college ready.

Delta High School has a staff that is committed to your student’s success. All students are assigned to an Advisor who works with them in all aspects of their high school education. Students are offered teacher-instructed classes as well as individualized learning courses with teacher support as needed. Delta has a state-of-the-art Computer Lab on site. Students can access online courses in the Lab or on their tablet – giving a determined student one more avenue to “catch up”, stay on-track or get ahead.

Delta has high academic standards with a very nurturing and positive learning environment. The faculty and support staff want all of the students to be successful at Delta High School. Delta students are required to complete 205 units in order to receive a high school diploma. In addition, students who take the responsibility to engage in their education, will be rewarded with personal, social and academic growth and success.

Parent/guardian participation in their child’s education is invaluable. You can keep track of attendance, class assignments, and grades, by logging on to the Aeries Parent/Student Portal. Go to the school’s website at and click on Aeries Parent/Student Portal (the eagle on the right side). If you have provided the school with your email address, you will be able to create an account or your student can log-in with his/her account. You may also contact his/her Advisor by phone. The key to a student’s success in school is positive communication between the student, parent, and the school. 



Our VISION is to provide a student-centered environment where all individuals can succeed with the support of the school, family, and community. Through a variety of educational options, all students have access to a meaningful, relevant, and standards-based curriculum that prepares them for the world of work and/or post-secondary endeavors. Given the opportunity to make their own choices, all students are treated as young adults and are expected to be active participants in planning their educational progress and achieving personal growth.



By raising expectations, giving constant encouragement, and creating an environment that empowers students, we eliminate all excuses that limit a student from reaching his or her personal and academic potential.